Building a Podcast Community

Sam Charrington hosts the TWIML AI podcast where he talks to leaders in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space. The show is more than 4 years old and it has a hugely engaged community surrounding it. We dive into that during the episode.

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Find Guests for your Podcast

Sam had the following tips for discovering guests:
  • Follow conversations on social media
  • Look at conference agendas (the speakers are doing interesting things and want to talk about them)
  • Networking events online and in-person
  • Past Guests


"If there was any key to our success, it was the consistency"

via Sam Charrington

Benefits for Guests

As a show creator it is important to think about the guests. They are giving up time to be on the show. Sam's show Helps Guests Become Known.

Help Guests Become Known

One of the nice things about a show is the ability to showcase guests. Guests can be discovered by your audience.

How to balance sponsorship with community?

This is an important topic in any business. You want sponsors but you also want the community to enjoy the content. I think Sam has an excellent strategy for matching sponsorship with community.


The power of a podcast or a live interview is the conversation. It can bring the listeners right into the conversation.

How did the podcast start?

Many podcasts have an interesting beginning. They are not always the same as they started. The TWIML AI podcast is no different.

Know Your Audience

Sam understands his audience very well.

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