Social Media Strategy with Nico De Bruyn

Nico is the Co-founder of Boundless Media and the author of "We are All Marketers: 20 Go-To Principles To Help You Market Like a Marketer"

Learn what is a social media strategy

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What is a Social Media Strategy?

Nico has a quick and simple answer for this question.

3 Tips for Social Media

  1. Message Your Connections/Followers
  2. Don't Overthink the Content
  3. Lead with Value

Make Content Creation a Habit


If you are building a weekly show, being consistent is very important.

Anyone Can Watch

"Now you can have anyone watch your show, you just ask them."
Nico De Bruyn

Nice tip here. You can always message someone to watch your show.

Don't Know What to Post on Social Media?

Questions and Answers are a great place to start.

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